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Puffchesters v.1 Ugly Purple
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22nd-Jan-2007 08:19 pm - I did warn you
[TL] Tennesee has a drink
Like promised here is the second of this weeks entries. It is for echoing0comfort though she didn't ask for it it sounded funny to me.

This the second in my evils of supernatural series.

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I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has joined! You guys make me feel really great about doing this (not nerdy at all XD). So I just wanted to say hello and thanks!
21st-Jan-2007 05:01 pm - Some John to start the year.
[TL] Tennesee has a drink
Hey Everyone! I'm back and come with crack. Expect atleast two more updates this week as well. As soon as echoing0comfort gets on aim I can get the second one done, so expect it either tomorrow or tuesday!

Now onto the puffs!

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16th-Dec-2006 09:37 pm - Happy Holidays Everyone!
[TL] Tennesee has a drink
Here is what you've all been waiting for! We have two new images. One a request by bohemu and the other a little gift from me! I'm sorry this has taken so long. I want to say thank you to everyone for their kind words while I was sick! It means a lot to me! I want to say there will be another update before new years, but I can't make anymore promises. I may be getting a job at an insurance company soon, and with Christmas and all that jazz I'm not sure I'll have time until after new years. I'll try my best though! Alright! Enough chit chat! Lets get down to the goods!

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12th-Dec-2006 11:09 pm - I'm not dead!
[TL] Tennesee has a drink
Hey everyone! I'm not dead and have in fact gotten over my cold! So expect two new puffchesters by the end of the week! WOOT! In the mean time head over to vornie_icons most notably this post she made some awesome puffchesters icons! Alright. See y'all soon!
6th-Dec-2006 12:15 am(no subject)
[TL] Tennesee has a drink
I've been mulling this over for the past few days. Since someone... who will remain nameless made fun of sammy's hair I've been thinking of ways to improve. So I whipped this up. When I do an actual scene it will be more detailed. But here's something to tied you over.

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5th-Dec-2006 11:07 pm - mmmm dayquil.
[TL] Tennesee has a drink
Hey everyone! I haven't died, I did have a pretty nasty cold though. It seems like the worst of it is over and I'm ready to create again. If anyone has any requests lemme know, otherwise it'll be the crack that comes out of my cold medicine riddled brain!
1st-Dec-2006 11:52 pm - Puffchester icons!
I'm using my posting access for evil! Just kidding. I made icons, though. :D


Get them HERE.
1st-Dec-2006 12:34 pm - some crack in the afternoon
[TL] Tennesee has a drink
Here are two NEW images for your (hopefully) enjoyment. Let me tell you about them. The first one comes from a conversation between bohemu and me. BTW. Over in her journal she makes these awesome sim!chesters and you should totally check it out! I think they're fun! Anways, the first one is for her. The second one comes from the thought that if you don't have anything new to do on supernatural just choke sammy and throw dean agaisnt a wall! alright well enjoy!

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29th-Nov-2006 11:01 pm - some secondary chararcter love!
[TL] Tennesee has a drink
Our third installment involves one of my fav scenes and a request from vornie_was_here One of these is possibly PG-13.
[edit] sorry I suck at typing tonight.
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28th-Nov-2006 11:14 pm - everyone should help at christmas
[TL] Tennesee has a drink
here is my newest submission. a request by pearldrop. It's Jo. Now. I have mingled feelings about Jo. I don't think I like her as a love interest, but as a charecter she's ok. Anyways. I am filling the request. No icons this time. If someone wants to make some go for it.

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